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Teach-How-To-Drive 0 Teach How To Drive Overall Score

Teach How To Drive

“Learning to drive is ever more getting expensive, with fuel costs increasing along with the cost of living, driving schools with inevitability also increase in cost.

November 13, 2012 Cars, Education
Honda CRV 2012 0 Honda CRV 2012 Overall Score

Honda CRV 2012

“Bit slow to load but worth the wait” You can use your iphone or the keyboard and all you do it control the car to

June 04, 2012 Cars, Games
Electriphobia 0 Electriphobia Overall Score


“Fear of electric cars? If so you have Electriphobia and it can be cured!” So far I haven’t had the luxury of driving an electric

April 27, 2012 Cars, Society and Culture
Pothole Season Canada 0 Pothole Season Overall Score

Pothole Season

“Noticed a few potholes on the roads recently?” I know I have! This great site allows you to flag the exact location of a pothole

March 22, 2012 Cars, Society and Culture
First Car Story Build Your First Car 0 Subaru First Car Story Overall Score

Subaru First Car Story

“Do you remember your first car? If not, make one” Those of us who drive will remember our first car, its colour made and model

March 03, 2012 Cars, Micro-Site
vw-think-blue-world 0 VW Think Blue Overall Score

VW Think Blue

I like it when a menu is easy to use and so many sites have wonderful animations or graphics, but navigating them takes more time

December 03, 2011 Cars, Flash
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