Show Skin Not Fur 0 Show Skin. Not Fur. Overall Score

Show Skin. Not Fur.

“Had me in stitches laughing!” Amazingly cheeky and all to highlight a good cause of not killing animals for fur. Nice little concept here, signup ...Read More

31 December, 2012 Fashion, Society and Culture
Chase The Tweets 0

Chase The Tweets

“Re-immerse yourself in the world of 8-bit game in remembering the famous “Duck Hunt” game. Hunt down the tweets to get the best score, or ...Read More

28 December, 2012 Computers, Games
Why Not Find Out 0 Why Not Find Out? Overall Score

Why Not Find Out?

“Christmas maybe over BUT with New Years Eve parties kicking in, do you know your drugs?” Do you know your stuff about drugs and legal ...Read More

26 December, 2012 Drugs, Night Club
un-xmas 0 Un-Xmas Overall Score


“Apparently because Christmas is boring?” Have some fun with the Germans this year, enter a word in English (or Deutsch) and our lovely friends will ...Read More

24 December, 2012 Entertainment, Religious
The Mighty Mechanic 0 Edboard – The Mighty Mechanic Overall Score

Edboard – The Mighty Mechanic

“It seems The Mighty Mechanic Edboard is having to save Christmas again this year!” Those of you who can remember last year I reviewed Edboard ...Read More

21 December, 2012 Entertainment, Games
Zoetrope 0 The Zoetrope Overall Score

The Zoetrope

“Very cool concept and can see a lot of work has gone into it.” You might have learnt about Zoetrope’s (Greek words ζωή (zoē), meaning ...Read More

19 December, 2012 Games, Music
Advertising Guide Book 0 Advertising Guide Book Overall Score

Advertising Guide Book

“The BEST HTML5 eBook I have ever seen!” I see the power of HTML5 evolving everyday and ebooks are no exception. Previously fancy eBooks could ...Read More

17 December, 2012 Books, Internet
02 Wallet 0 o2 Wallet Money Machine Overall Score

o2 Wallet Money Machine

“Fun little competition and simple idea” The launch o2′s new mobile wallet for paying for goods (like a credit/debit card) o2 have launched a fun ...Read More

14 December, 2012 Finance, Gifts
Create The Rainbow 0 Create The Rainbow Overall Score

Create The Rainbow

“Strange but very good!” OK, so fancy making your own TV advert with snippets of pre-made video? There will be Skittles… Yeah I thought so. ...Read More

12 December, 2012 Food and Drink, Micro-Site
Direct Line To Santa 0 Direct Line To Santa Overall Score

Direct Line To Santa

“Highly comical and all in good spirit” Have you ever wanted to have a video chat with Santa? Nah nor have I, however Verizons Microsite ...Read More

10 December, 2012 Communications, Micro-Site
The Carp And The Seagull 0 The Carp And The Seagull Overall Score

The Carp And The Seagull

“Sheer brilliance” ‘The Carp and the Seagull’ is an interactive short film about one man’s encounter with the spirit world and his fall from grace. ...Read More

05 December, 2012 Books, Entertainment
100,000 Stars 0 100,000 Stars Overall Score

100,000 Stars

“Fancy seeing 119,617 nearby stars in our stellar neighborhood?” Even if your not an astrologer, just seeing all the stars on a map you can ...Read More

03 December, 2012 Art and Photography, Science
Christmas Price Index 0

Christmas Price Index 2012

“Oh no! The Christmas gifts are missing… Can you help?” OK, So you may recall my last years review of the Christmas Price Index? No? ...Read More

29 November, 2012 Business, Travel
They Will Eat You 0 They Will Eat You Overall Score

They Will Eat You

“HTML5 at its best and what better then a game avoiding zombies!” With creepy music and a concept of just staying out of the way of moving ...Read More

26 November, 2012 Games, Other
Ernest et Celestine 0 Ernest et Célestine Overall Score

Ernest et Célestine

“What a terrific use of HTML5, Javascript based 3D and spritesheets.” The site was created to accompany the movie, the site is in French (Google ...Read More

23 November, 2012 Art and Photography, Children
More Then A Map 0 More Then A Map Overall Score

More Then A Map

“A wonderful showcase of how developers are using Google Maps” Google allows developers (and businesses) to use free Application Programming Interface’s (API’s) which opens a ...Read More

14 November, 2012 Business, Internet
Teach-How-To-Drive 0 Teach How To Drive Overall Score

Teach How To Drive

“Learning to drive is ever more getting expensive, with fuel costs increasing along with the cost of living, driving schools with inevitability also increase in cost. ...Read More

13 November, 2012 Cars, Education
Dental Life 0 Dental Life Overall Score

Dental Life

“Fresh stylish dental and lifestyle website.” When it comes to dental, lets just say I have had more then my fair share of dental work! ...Read More

09 November, 2012 Business, Tools and Equipment
Target Stuff Scholarships 0 Target Scholarships Overall Score

Target Scholarships

“Well the applying has closed, but funny to watch the entries.” 16 scholarships for college stuff you’ll actually want? Lets see, what one would you ...Read More

You-Are-5-Stars 0 You Are 5 Stars Overall Score

You Are 5 Stars

“Create you own online 5 Star Hotel” So what sets this apart from all the other simulation games that are out there? Well for one, ...Read More

15 October, 2012 Recruitment, Travel
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