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Dance-Pony-Dance 0 Dance Pony Dance Overall Score

Dance Pony Dance

“So you have seen the adverts… Now make your own dancing pony.” What is the sites concept all about? The mobile network Three has been

September 12, 2013 Animals, Music
Super Important Test 0 Super Important Test Overall Score

Super Important Test

“Got that Friday feeling yet? Nah… Well this might just make you chuckle.” What is the sites concept all about? What is the best part

March 29, 2013 Food and Drink, Micro-Site
Old Spice Interview Trainer 0 Old Spice Interview Trainer Overall Score

Old Spice Interview Trainer

“Just love how the site used video social media to interact with its customers! Ground Breaking!” What is the sites concept all about? An Interview

March 27, 2013 Fragrance, Recruitment
The Greatest Quiz Of Them All 0 The Greatest Quiz Of Them All Overall Score

The Greatest Quiz Of Them All

“Bit of light hearted humor for the morning but also acts as a great way to get student submissions” What is the sites concept all

March 11, 2013 Education, Recruitment
Knitter Stream 0 Knitter Stream Overall Score

Knitter Stream

“A super combination of old and new and love the long scarf at the bottom of the site.” What is the sites concept all about?

February 25, 2013 Communications, Hobbies and Crafts
The Ping-Pong Hangout 0 The Ping-Pong Hangout Overall Score

The Ping-Pong Hangout

“Bringing fun to a Google Hangout, with style and grace and has to be the best Google Hangout game at the moment!” Whether or not

February 11, 2013 Games, Internet
Party Analyzer 2013 0 Party Analyzer 2013 Overall Score

Party Analyzer 2013

“So how old do you really look? Can the algorithm work out how old you are?” So should you be partying harder or slowing it

January 18, 2013 Internet, Micro-Site
Ingreme 0 Ingreme Overall Score


“One awesome post production agency website” So after a week off, I find this website, and what a website it it is! A lot of

June 18, 2012 Business, Flash
ONLY because we can - swimming pool 0 ONLY becuase we can Overall Score

ONLY becuase we can

“Fancy a bit of sneaky misbehaving?” As interactive videos become more and more on the web, this one does not disappoint. As the video plays

May 10, 2012 Adult, Fashion
Electriphobia 0 Electriphobia Overall Score


“Fear of electric cars? If so you have Electriphobia and it can be cured!” So far I haven’t had the luxury of driving an electric

April 27, 2012 Cars, Society and Culture
Beer Camp Soho Factory 0 Beer Camp 2012 Overall Score

Beer Camp 2012

“A tale of international mischief and very monstrous” Fluffy monsters and beer! What could go wrong? This site is promoting a Beer Camp in Poland,

April 22, 2012 Event, Food and Drink
Top Sexy Site 0 Sexy Food Overall Score

Sexy Food

“Very interesting and comical look at food in general, promoting a career in food.” How sexy is food? With a little facebook game you can

April 14, 2012 Food and Drink, Recruitment
Gimp 0 Find the Force of Silence Overall Score

Find the Force of Silence

“Blow into your microphone to emulate the sound of Rowenta’s Vacuum Cleaner” Keep blowing for 2 seconds in a certain dB section to see a

March 28, 2012 Games, Tools and Equipment
KAUKO Photos 0 Kauko Overall Score


“Big brothers next stage, remotely controlling a users experience” Not only is this a great idea but also had me in hysterics! Kauko is a

February 29, 2012 Cafe and Restaurant, Internet
Fraulen Machine Lose 0

Fraulein Machine

“Bavarian fruit machine for a Russian product, excellent combination.” I have always liked fruit machines, maybe its the flashing lights or the chance to win

February 13, 2012 Food and Drink, Games
National Sweater Day - Site Homepage 0 National Sweater Day Overall Score

National Sweater Day

“Beautifully captured design and style, HTML instantly responsive and all for an excellent cause! I also love the correct spelling of Centre…” Have a granny,

February 05, 2012 Charity, Society and Culture
One Hour Per Second Dog 0 One Hour Per Second – Youtube Overall Score

One Hour Per Second – Youtube

“For the pub quiz masters this is a Mecca of useless information to use! However its strangely addictive to keep reading on…” With comical sound

January 31, 2012 Internet, Micro-Site
Whats your real age homepage 0 Whats Your Real Age? Overall Score

Whats Your Real Age?

“Curiously interesting as we all want to know our real age, don’t we?” So if your like me, and curiously gets the better of you,

January 29, 2012 Internet, Medical
My Magnum 1 Magnum Pleasure Hunt Overall Score

Magnum Pleasure Hunt

This site is more a game, but WHAT A GAME! I have added it because the theme is internet, you collect chocolate from different websites,

January 23, 2012 Flash, Food and Drink
Cadbury Cream Egg Cad-apult 0 Cadbury Cream Egg Cad-apult Overall Score

Cadbury Cream Egg Cad-apult

Goo things come to those who wait indeed! However this site is good for a 5 minute giggle, just enter the postcode of yours or

January 22, 2012 Flash, Food and Drink
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