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Chrome World Wide Maze 0 Chrome World Wide Maze Overall Score

Chrome World Wide Maze

“Turns your favourite websites into mobile controlled marble maze games.” What is the sites concept all about? Google Japan have clearly been bored again in

September 11, 2013 Entertainment, Internet
Contre Jour 0 Contre Jour Overall Score

Contre Jour

“An incredible demonstration of how far native technologies and web browsers have come for truly amazing experiences.” What is the sites concept all about? Contre

March 01, 2013 Games, Internet
ANA Manganizer 0 ANA Manganizer Overall Score

ANA Manganizer

“I didnt know what Manga was until I tried this site, however it is an amazing concept of taking your photo and putting you in

February 20, 2013 Books, Hobbies and Crafts
Body Explorer 0 Code Fred Survival Mode Overall Score

Code Fred Survival Mode

“So your out camping then you get lost… How will you survive?” What happens when the human body is put into extreme situations? Well how

January 23, 2013 Games, Science
The Generosity Game 0 The Generosity Game Overall Score

The Generosity Game

“Easy to play and quite additive” To celebrate 10 years of uplifting TV, Jon Culshaw brings the personalities and Freeview provides the prizes. All you

May 12, 2012 Entertainment, Games
Clay Yourself - Homepage 0 Clay Yourself! Overall Score

Clay Yourself!

“Stunning!” What a fantastical awesome and superbly stunning site! A great idea and I LOVE it! I am a fan of Wallace and Gromit and

Cube London 0 Cube Overall Score


“Additive, simple and very cleverly done!” Your probably know Google maps, and you proablly use them to get directions via the web or smart phone,

May 04, 2012 Games, Internet
Start of the game 0 Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 Overall Score

Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

“The first hunt was awesome, this one is AMAZING” I had previously viewed the first one they did (can be seen/played here) and thought it

April 29, 2012 Food and Drink, Games
S.H.I.E.L.D. ops 0 S.H.I.E.L.D. ops Overall Score

S.H.I.E.L.D. ops

“Wonderfully awesome site to promote the up and coming Avengers film” As much as I would have loved to add a few more screen shots

April 21, 2012 Film / Movie, Games
The Cirque du Soleil Homepage 0 The Cirque du Soleil Overall Score

The Cirque du Soleil

“A truly 5 star performance!” With 3 fantastic mini games to play with a truly 5 star way to play them! Graphics are out of

March 02, 2012 Flash, Games
ANIMANCA Entdecke 0 Animanca Overall Score


“Marvellous learning tool for any language, English is not supported however its good if you wish to learn “Swiss, French, German or Italian”. Graphic are

February 21, 2012 Children, Games
Pirates Love Daisies Home 0 Pirates Love Daisies Overall Score

Pirates Love Daisies

“Tower defence style game in HTML5, with rich engaging gameplay! “ This has to be one of the best HTML5 / Javascript games I have

February 19, 2012 Games, Internet
Die Hipster 0 Die Hipster Overall Score

Die Hipster

“Play as a hipster with the added bonus of killing yourself… (in the game anyway!)” A truly dark game in this politicly correct word, with

February 18, 2012 Games, Society and Culture
Nice To Meet You 0 Nice To Meet You – Hornstull Overall Score

Nice To Meet You – Hornstull

“What do you do with boring and noisy construction site, right on your door step?” Simple, you use the downsides with a construction site and

February 16, 2012 Architecture, Electronics
Ro-Bros FIGHT 0 Ro-Bros Overall Score


“Impressive! Its made like your actually controlling a robot fighter!” One of the coolest online games I have played. It really is like you are

February 09, 2012 Games, Internet
Mammoot Control Player Select 2 Mammoot Control Overall Score

Mammoot Control

“Classic retro arcade game brought up to date by using your iPhone as the controller on the web page. Bringing back the old school with

February 04, 2012 Computers, Games
Fun Park Boss Pirates Bay 0 Fun Park Boss Overall Score

Fun Park Boss

“Ding Dong….! What an excellent little game to increase safety awareness in children (and adults). Superb graphics, smooth animations and finger clicking additive.” A little

February 03, 2012 Business, Games
PAC-MAN GWDI Maze 0 Worlds Biggest PAC-MAN Overall Score

Worlds Biggest PAC-MAN

“Old memories now with an added twist” So you maybe old enough to remember PAC-MAN as an arcade machine or newer still with portable games

January 28, 2012 Games, Internet
My Magnum 1 Magnum Pleasure Hunt Overall Score

Magnum Pleasure Hunt

This site is more a game, but WHAT A GAME! I have added it because the theme is internet, you collect chocolate from different websites,

January 23, 2012 Flash, Food and Drink
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 0 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Overall Score

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Having seen the film I decided to give this a go, now I normally skip the movie micro-sites, however on this occasion I have been

January 03, 2012 Entertainment, Media
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