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Distance to Mars 0 Distance to Mars Overall Score

Distance to Mars

“If the Earth were 100 pixels wide, How far is it to Mars?” What is the sites concept all about? At the current state of

November 11, 2013 Internet, Science
Every Last Drop 0 Every Last Drop Overall Score

Every Last Drop

“In the UK we each guzzle a massive 4,645 litres every day. But on what?” What is the sites concept all about? Water, something we

November 10, 2013 Education, Society and Culture
Lost My Name 0 Lost My Name Overall Score

Lost My Name

“Beautifully designed and great for a personallised book for the kids!” What is the sites concept all about? The creators came up with the story

November 08, 2013 Books, Children
Chrome World Wide Maze 0 Chrome World Wide Maze Overall Score

Chrome World Wide Maze

“Turns your favourite websites into mobile controlled marble maze games.” What is the sites concept all about? Google Japan have clearly been bored again in

September 11, 2013 Entertainment, Internet
DotShop 0 DotShop Overall Score


“Great user interface and awesome little bit of fun!” What is the sites concept all about? The application allows the user to create a comic

Rebuses 0 Rebus Puzzles Overall Score

Rebus Puzzles

“Just what you need for a Friday morning… Puzzles to solve!” What is the sites concept all about? Each week day a new puzzle is

September 06, 2013 Entertainment, Hobbies and Crafts
HostGator-Coupon 0 HostGator Coupon Overall Score

HostGator Coupon

“A site dedicated to HostGator Coupon discounts.” What is the sites concept all about? HostGator are a hosting service provider (this site is hosted on

August 14, 2013 Business, Internet
Bruno Mars - #TreasureDance 0 Bruno Mars – #TreasureDance Overall Score

Bruno Mars – #TreasureDance

“Excellent use of modern social media for a viral campaign.” What is the sites concept all about? The websites script looks on Instagram Video for videos

July 31, 2013 Entertainment, Music
Itch-A-Skitch 0 Itch A Skitch Overall Score

Itch A Skitch

“Bringing nostalgic into the web archives” What is the sites concept all about? OK, for those of you who don’t know or choose not to

May 07, 2013 Games, Society and Culture
World Baking Day 0 World Baking Day 2013 Overall Score

World Baking Day 2013

“Put on your apron and celebrate world baking day on the 19th of May” What is the sites concept all about? This World Baking Day

April 25, 2013 Education, Food and Drink
cardstories 0 Card Stories Overall Score

Card Stories

“Fun to build your child’s imagination” What is the sites concept all about? A card game that plays with your creativity. Pick a word, a

April 22, 2013 Children, Education
Explore Touch 0 Explore Touch Overall Score

Explore Touch

“Using just your fingers to create a unique user experience. Simply Amazing.” What is the sites concept all about? This website lets users use intuitive

April 02, 2013 Internet, Music
Pi's Epic Journey 0 Pi’s Epic Journey Overall Score

Pi’s Epic Journey

“Parallax, Parallax and more Parallaxing! Very cleaver and engaging and great to see the transition from concept to end result!” What is the sites concept

March 25, 2013 Film / Movie, Media
Flash Vs HTML 0 Flash Vs HTML Overall Score

Flash Vs HTML

“Ever wondered whats best Flash or HTML5?” What is the sites concept all about? For a long time Flash has had the edge over HTML

March 13, 2013 Education, Games
Jack The Giant Slayer 0 Jack The Giant Slayer Overall Score

Jack The Giant Slayer

“Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman!” What is the sites concept all about? Warner Brothers new film Jack the giant slayer which about

March 08, 2013 Entertainment, Film / Movie
Out There - Holdford Yearbook 0 Out There – Holdford Yearbook Overall Score

Out There – Holdford Yearbook

“With fun hidden interactions and easy to use style, this site ticks all the boxes.” What is the sites concept all about? Out There: Holford

March 04, 2013 Media, Micro-Site
Contre Jour 0 Contre Jour Overall Score

Contre Jour

“An incredible demonstration of how far native technologies and web browsers have come for truly amazing experiences.” What is the sites concept all about? Contre

March 01, 2013 Games, Internet
Find Your Way To Oz 0 Find Your Way To Oz Overall Score

Find Your Way To Oz

“Created to promote Disney’s upcoming movie “Oz The Great and Powerful” the 3D experience is truly amazing!” A truly amazing interactive journey through a 3D

February 15, 2013 Entertainment, Internet
Five easy ways to improve typography in code 0 Five easy ways… Overall Score

Five easy ways…

“One for the coders, a simple and stylish site yet elegantly informative.” The internet is the main source of information nowadays, there is no doubt

February 13, 2013 Communications, Internet
Jack And The Beanstalk 0 Jack And The Beanstalk Overall Score

Jack And The Beanstalk

“Spot on graphics and animation to bring back the old bed time story with your children in the modern age.” With children using computers more

February 08, 2013 Books, Children
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