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The Plant Of Dreams 0 The Plant Of Dreams Overall Score

The Plant Of Dreams

“Every tweet raises money! Now that is a viral campaign!” What is the sites concept all about? For every shared dream the disabled person foundation

November 09, 2013 Charity, Flowers
Dance-Pony-Dance 0 Dance Pony Dance Overall Score

Dance Pony Dance

“So you have seen the adverts… Now make your own dancing pony.” What is the sites concept all about? The mobile network Three has been

September 12, 2013 Animals, Music
Bruno Mars - #TreasureDance 0 Bruno Mars – #TreasureDance Overall Score

Bruno Mars – #TreasureDance

“Excellent use of modern social media for a viral campaign.” What is the sites concept all about? The websites script looks on Instagram Video for videos

July 31, 2013 Entertainment, Music
Guinness St Patricks Day 2013 0 Guinness St Patricks Day 2013 Overall Score

Guinness St Patricks Day 2013

“Star in your own Guinness advert and share to the world” Well not much I can say on this One, except its a personalised video

March 15, 2013 Alcohol, Event
Censored Tweet 0 Censored Tweet Overall Score

Censored Tweet

“Sometimes simplicity works best!” What is the sites concept all about? Amnesty International launches “Censored Tweet” which is a micro-site in which users can tweet

March 06, 2013 Charity, Education
Knitter Stream 0 Knitter Stream Overall Score

Knitter Stream

“A super combination of old and new and love the long scarf at the bottom of the site.” What is the sites concept all about?

February 25, 2013 Communications, Hobbies and Crafts
ANA Manganizer 0 ANA Manganizer Overall Score

ANA Manganizer

“I didnt know what Manga was until I tried this site, however it is an amazing concept of taking your photo and putting you in

February 20, 2013 Books, Hobbies and Crafts
The Ping-Pong Hangout 0 The Ping-Pong Hangout Overall Score

The Ping-Pong Hangout

“Bringing fun to a Google Hangout, with style and grace and has to be the best Google Hangout game at the moment!” Whether or not

February 11, 2013 Games, Internet
Facebook Design and Concept 0 Facebook Design and Concept Overall Score

Facebook Design and Concept

“A lovely design concept for Facebook” OK, I normally would not review just a design concept however this one is a little special. Based around

January 09, 2013 Art and Photography, Business
02 Wallet 0 o2 Wallet Money Machine Overall Score

o2 Wallet Money Machine

“Fun little competition and simple idea” The launch o2′s new mobile wallet for paying for goods (like a credit/debit card) o2 have launched a fun

December 14, 2012 Finance, Gifts
Pepsi Espana 0 Pepsi Espana Overall Score

Pepsi Espana

“I keep finding these, but they are still good fun!” Like many of my reviews on these types of music makers, they kill a bit

June 22, 2012 Food and Drink, Music
Band of Bridges 0 Band of Bridges Overall Score

Band of Bridges

“Cool mini site, worth adding a bridge” So its the Golden Gates 75th Anniversary and to mark this, a site has been created to build

Sloche 0 Sloche Overall Score


“Fun beard game” Sloche’s new flavour “crème à barbe” (shaving cream) has an awesome micosite that allows its users to make a avatar and compete

June 19, 2012 Games, Micro-Site
TweetFuel 0 TweetFuel Overall Score


“Cool concept from Stinkdigital” So whenever someone follows, re-tweets or mentions @stinkdigital, their custom made motorised kit spins a mounted Nike+ FuelBand, which then can

All-Tomorrows-Legends 0 All Tomorrows Legends Overall Score

All Tomorrows Legends

“You are a LEGEND! Come see why!” I do like it when engaging social media is about YOU! This great little site produces a personal

Kupz Homepage 0 Kupz Overall Score


“Not the first time I have seen such a site, however it is one of the best I have seen!” Personalising objects on the internet

March 11, 2012 Business, eCommerce
Tweetaconda Feeding Time 0 Tweetaconda Overall Score


“Excellent idea and nicely done!” So what likes to eat little tweeting birds? Tweetacondas… Feed the online anaconda and watch the snake come alive and

March 07, 2012 Business, Event
Chip It Chip Card 0 Chip It! Overall Score

Chip It!

“Stylish and fun to use, topped off with social media and a browser plugin” What can I say! This site is a keeper in the

February 23, 2012 Fashion, Interior and Furniture
Camstache 0 Camstache Overall Score


“Simple yet well styled gimmick.” All you need is a webcam (or iPhone) to take a photo and superimpose a moustache on your face. Simple,

February 20, 2012 Entertainment, Event
Nice To Meet You 0 Nice To Meet You – Hornstull Overall Score

Nice To Meet You – Hornstull

“What do you do with boring and noisy construction site, right on your door step?” Simple, you use the downsides with a construction site and

February 16, 2012 Architecture, Electronics
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