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Kinder Surprise 0 Kinder Surprise Stories Overall Score

Kinder Surprise Stories

“Beautiful 3D pop up book from our Romanian Kinder Surprise Egg friends” Remember Kinder Eggs? You may have even munched on one recently… If you

February 28, 2012 Children, Food and Drink
Jet Setter 0 Altoids Awards Overall Score

Altoids Awards

“Cheerfully funny and socially interactive” I was quite amused by today’s site, as we all have friends on our facebook (if your on facebook) that

February 14, 2012 Food and Drink, Micro-Site
My Magnum 1 Magnum Pleasure Hunt Overall Score

Magnum Pleasure Hunt

This site is more a game, but WHAT A GAME! I have added it because the theme is internet, you collect chocolate from different websites,

January 23, 2012 Flash, Food and Drink
Cadbury Cream Egg Cad-apult 0 Cadbury Cream Egg Cad-apult Overall Score

Cadbury Cream Egg Cad-apult

Goo things come to those who wait indeed! However this site is good for a 5 minute giggle, just enter the postcode of yours or

January 22, 2012 Flash, Food and Drink
Extra Tooth Fairy Advert 0 Wrigleys Extra Tooth Fairy Overall Score

Wrigleys Extra Tooth Fairy

I saw this site when it first launched last year and every time I have entered the competition (about 15 times and not won) I

January 15, 2012 Food and Drink, Micro-Site
Cadbury Spots v Stripes 0 Cadbury Spots v Stripes Overall Score

Cadbury Spots v Stripes

As London prepares for the Olympic Games 2012 and Cadbury’s is one of the major sponsors, I thought this would be the ideal great site

January 01, 2012 Food and Drink, Games
Haribo Sweets - DE 0 Haribo DE Overall Score

Haribo DE

A little guilty pleasure here, I LOVE Haribo sweets, so when I saw the UK version I was not impressed with the design, however after

December 05, 2011 Children, Food and Drink
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